Bernd Vetter and Jim Martin are the creators of Re-Wired, a project to allow retired, semi-retired and water industry personnel looking for a ‘sea change’, to re-enter the workforce.

It aims to connect willing personnel with water industry groups requiring part time assistance with training, operations or mentoring roles. This will be ideal for the retired and semi-retired travelling personnel who wish to work their way around the country and remain current with their respective skill sets and qualifications. Water Utilities, Councils and Shires can tap into this expertise pool, to obtain valuable input across plant and network operations around Australia.

  • Interested persons can offer their details, skills, competencies and availabilities into the Register section.
  • Water entities can use the Enquiries page to table their needs and find a suitable match to fill roles on a temporary or short term basis.
  • The Forum is for general knowledge share and seeking answers to specific problems and issues. For example:
    • Our residual chlorine level is not stable – what should we check and do?
    • Who should we call for a specialised service and how well did they perform?
    • We are assessing a tender application – has anyone used this particular company before?