Water Quality Awareness 101 12 | P a g e It is important that sufficient bunding is provided to minimise the impacts of sediment run off 9.1.2 Solutions  Carry out suitable hazard identification and risk assessments prior to commencing a task on or around drinking water catchments/systems to identify where your interactions could have an impact on water quality  Consult with catchment managers and treatment operators/technicians regarding proposed works to actively identify issues and plan suitable control measures  Capturing and retrieving sediment before it enters a water course (this can be done by developing and implementing a sediment control plan)  Prompt reporting of any issues that have occurred that could affect the quality of drinking water further down stream  Prompt reporting of issues and incidents that may have directly affected the quality of drinking water or processes for treating water that is destined to become drinking water  Ensuring that chemicals/fuels/paint cannot be spilled or inadvertently knocked over when working on or around drinking water assets/catchments  Ensuring all waste from wash down, manufacturing, welding or cutting operations is captured close to the source of emission to prevent it entering the water