Water Quality Awareness 101 14 | P a g e Paint being applied from an open can directly over a drinking water supply Filling up construction and maintenance equipment with petrol or oils directly next to a water storage without adequate spill control - note the lid left off the oil container 10.1.2 Solutions  Thoroughly induct all persons involved in performing tasks around drinking water assets on the potential inputs of contamination from the works activity  Ensure that suitable risk assessments for the works practice have identified all possible interactions with the drinking water and that actions to prevent/eliminate the possibility of contamination have been implemented. Where this is not possible, reduce the risk through suitable control measures  Ensure that all lubricants and sealants used for fittings on drinking water systems are compliant with the requirements of AS4020  Ensure that emissions from items such as grinders, welders or cutting equipment do not enter water storages or treatment processes  Ensure that any windborne debris or particles cannot enter drinking water storages or treatment processes