Water Quality Awareness 101 17 | P a g e Spraying pests in close proximity to a water treatment process 11.2.2 Solutions  Ensure that any products that are used are safe to use on and around water treatment assets  Only spray pesticide/herbicide chemicals when it is not too windy, to ensure that chemicals are not blown into any water treatment process or water storage area  Do not spray pesticide/herbicide control chemicals directly onto water infrastructure, e.g. raw water pumps  Lay rodent baits with an anchored system to prevent accidental release into a water supply area  Consider using means other than chemicals to remove pests (brush away spider webs or use ultra-sonic devices to keep rodents away) 11.3 LANDSCAPING AND PLANTING It is often a requirement for planning consent that infrastructure, such as water treatment plants and tanks, are screened for environmental aesthetics, to reduce their impact on the natural countryside. This can lead to issues that may affect drinking water quality if not properly planned and assessed. 11.3.1 Issues  Tall plants and trees dropping leaves, bark and branches onto the roofs of tanks, or falling into open water storages and other infrastructure. This can also cause structural damage to roofs, as well as allowing vermin access/entry to sites (e.g. possums)  Roots from larger plants can intrude into infrastructure or undermine the structural integrity of tanks/bunds