HR Database

AquaSafeSkills is developing a Human Resources (HR) database to issue certifications, resulting from the training in water quality issues. This database will also be available to industry groups to manage their personnel across a number of disciplines, which are water related. While there are many HR programs available, AquaSafeSkills is specifically targeted to water industry requirements for job activity and training packages.

It will be a web based system, with multiple security levels, allowing an individual to update their own files, through to supervisors and managers having expanding access to look at all staffs, their skill sets, currencies and availabilities to take on different roles as required.


HR Data Base
  • Water Treatment Plant Operator
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Understands organisations
  • Policy Procedures SOPs
  • OHS Induction
  • Risk Management
  • Water Quality Scientist
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Graduate Engineer
  • Water Technician
  • Operating a Water Treatment Plant
  • Working at heights
  • Working with Asbestos
  • Operating a Chainsaw
  • ┬áHuman Resources Manager
  • Degree Engineering (Mechanical)
  • Degree Human Resources
  • Degree Environmental Science
  • Document Writing
  • Performance Management