Water Quality Awareness 101


The Water Quality Awareness 101 concept was developed by Mick Clewes and Heidi Josipovic.

Induction training of new personnel and contractors working in the water industry has mostly focused on OH&S issues to date and little attention has been given to a most important facet of overall safety – water consumed by the general public.  Water is now recognized as a food grade product and needs to be treated with the same diligence and care as other foods which are produced and consumed on a daily basis.

Mick and Heidi have written a training booklet as the first stage of inducting persons who are involved in the water industry and who have the potential to expose the consumers to health issues, either indirectly or directly, unintentional or intentional.

Indirect Direct
Accident whilst maintaining
a reservoir
Terrorism aimed at disrupting the
water supply
Winds transporting chemical spray during vegetation control Sediment run off into a catchment when not using barriers
Unintentional Intentional
Water Quality Awareness 101