AquaSafeSkills is an evolving project to make drinking water safer for the consumers.

This website provides access to Water Quality induction training, a Human Resource Database for water managements and Re-Wirement for retired water personnel who wish to remain active within the industry.


People are employed to work in a Role (or Roles). A role has a number of Competencies
which the person needs to be appropriately skilled in.
The AquaSafeSkills module will allow the human resources manager (HR Manager) or the other staff member with responsibility for HR matters, to define the roles of the organisation and the competencies required to satisfy each role. Identification of skills gaps can be achieved by comparing required competencies of a role against achieved competencies of an employee.
Roles Competencies
Water Treatment Plant Operator Understands organisations Policy Procedures SOPs
OHS Induction
Mechanical Engineer Risk Management
Operating a Water Treatment Plant
Water Quality Scientist Working at heights
Environmental Engineer Working with Asbestos
Graduate Engineer Operating a Chainsaw
Water Technician Degree Engineering (Mechanical)
Degree Human Resources
Human Resources Manager Degree Environmental Science
Document Writing
Performance Management