Water Quality Awareness 101 11 | P a g e 9. UTILITY SERVICES AND CONTRACTORS Examples of utility services or contractors who may have access to drinking water systems:  Gas, electrical and telecommunications entities  Contractors engaged to work on, near or around drinking water assets, catchments or water ways  Fitters, mechanics, plumbers or electricians engaged to work on drinking water assets or infrastructure, or undertake works in water catchment areas In most cases the effect on drinking water is caused by indirect actions that have a consequential impact on various parts of the system. 9.1.1 Issues  Painting water treatment plant infrastructure or water treatment assets in areas of the catchment where contamination can occur to drinking water or water destined to become drinking water  The welding, cutting or grinding of materials, especially where dust residues are generated that could end up in source waters, or open or exposed treatment infrastructure  Sediment from excavation or construction activities that could potentially run into a water course Excavation works can affect drinking water storages or catchments by stirring up sediment