Water Quality Awareness 101 16 | P a g e Decanting weed killer and spraying directly adjacent to a raw water or clear water storage 11.1.2 Solutions  Ensure products that are used are approved and safe to use on and around drinking water systems  Only spray herbicide/pesticide chemicals when it is not windy, to ensure that chemicals are not blown into any water treatment process or water storage area, which could then result in contamination  Whipper snipper around drinking water assets instead of spraying chemicals  Use alternate design technology such as matting to eliminate weeds 11.2 PEST CONTROL SERVICES Drinking water can be compromised by the presence of pests; this may be in the form of faecal material excreted by animal, or other biological intrusions, such as deceased fauna, shredding or nesting. Any foreign body that can enter drinking water has the potential to adversely affect its quality and make it unfit for human consumption. 11.2.1 Issues  Pest control (pesticide application) that is undertaken near or around the catchment area, raw water off-take pipes, storages or drinking water treatment plants, with the potential for accidental run-off or entry into the supply  Carcasses of exterminated animals entering the water supply or water storages, or poisoned fauna entering the water storage and then dying